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vera wang perfume

In 2002, Vera Wang Perfume launched its first fragrance to the market. The collaboration of Harry Fremont and Jean Claude Delville along with the Swarovski house resulted in the creation of the stimulating fragrance of Vera Wang. Since then Vera Wang continued to launch other scents like Vera Wang Princess, Lovestruck, Bouquet and Vera Wang for men to meet the need for fragrance by various customers. Vera Wang also received two awards like including Fragrance of the year award given by Nouveau Niche and the FiFi award for being one of the best in packaging.

Vera Wang Fragrances

Vera Wang for women is the first scent that was released by Vera Wang. Created to match the Vera Wang bridal collections, Vera Wang Perfume greatly enhances the beauty of the bride on her wedding day. The scent of this perfume symbolizes commitment and joy making this fragrance the best for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

Vera Wang for Men was created to compliment Vera Wang Perfume used by women. Vera Wang for men is designed to add to that natural masculine scent of a man. The scent of tobacco muskiness with added zest of Yuzu and finished off with a leathery number makes Vera Wang for Men truly the scent for the modern man. Great for special occasions and casual date nights, Vera Wang for men will be sure to catch any girl’s attention making them more focused on you.

Vera Wang Princess and Vera Wang Princess Nights are the latest additions to the Vera Wang collection. Vera Wang Princess targets the modern, day-time type ladies while Vera Wang Princess Nights targets the young ladies who enjoy their nights out with the girls. As different ladies have different characteristics, Vera Wang Princess and Vera Wang Princess Nights are created to promote individuality and uniqueness. Whether you’re a night person or a day person, Vera Wang has the fragrance suited for you.

Lovestruck, as the name suggests is the fragrance for those in love. It is a great addition to the whole Vera Wang Fragrance collection. Lovestruck gives scent to the feeling of being in love. Leighton Meester, star of the popular sitcom “Gossip Girl” is one of the endorsees of Lovestruck. Great to use on dates or anything romantic, the scent will ensure your date remembers every moment of it. Love now has a scent and it’s Lovestruck perfume by Vera Wang.

One of the scents suited for weddings is Bouquet by Vera Wang. As flowers are important in a wedding, using Bouquet will make the wedding more memorable. Studies show that people remember a special occasion, food, place, person and more by simply remembering the smell. That is why Vera Wang launched Bouquet to make your wedding an occasion to remember all the more.

Never go for those cheap Vera Wang fragrances, that are imitations of the original as it can cause skin problems and irritations. For safety and for quality, make sure to purchase from a legitimate Vera Wang fragrance dealer. Vera Wang fragrances are available in various beauty stores as well as on many internet websites selling the product. The price range of Vera Wang scents depends on what scent you are purchasing and the store in which you are making the purchase. So good luck in finding the scent for you.

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